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What is my IP is an automated tool that find out the IP address you are using.

IP Address:

Ip address is a digital address acts like a phisical or postal address for divices connected to the internet. there are two types of IP addresses are available they are IPv4 and IPv6. Devices like Computers, Smart Phones, Printers etc uses IP address to communicate with each other available on same or different network.

What is my Internet Protocol Address?

My IP address is an unique identifier used to identify the device that you use to browse the internet. It's a string of integers, which can be found in the form of and

You can type whatsmyip in the address bar of your browser to access additional information about your IP. You may find additional information such as your current location, latitude and longitude, where you live, the country and a Google Map with your geolocation.

You connect to the vast network of computers all around the globe when you surf the internet with your mobile phone or computer. To identify itself and the computers in the network, your computer will use a specific sequence of numbers or letters.

Other machines will also use this particular series. This series is called the "public IP address". The IP address of your computer when you connect to the Internet is usually displayed in the address bar or URL of the webpage you are viewing.

What is an IPv4 Address?

An IPv4 address's 32-bit size means that there is a limit to the number of addresses possible. About 18 million of these 4294967296 address are reserved for private networks and multicast services. Rest of the addresses can be used for general purposes (approx. There are approximately 270 million addresses.

Dot-decimal is the standard way to represent IPv4 addresses. It consists of four decimal values that can range between 0 and 255. Each value is separated by dots (e.g. Each part of the address is divided into 8 bits.

What is an IPv6 address exactly?

IPv6 has allowed for an increase in the size of an IP-address from 32 bits to 128 bits. This allows 2128 addresses (roughly 3.4031038).

Windows 11: Find my IP address

If you connect to Wi-Fi,

Click on the "Start", then click on "Settings", then choose "Network & Internet", then click on "WiFi".
Choose the network to which you are connected. Click on "Properties". Scroll to the bottom of your newly opened window. Your IP address will be next to "IPv4 Address".

Connected to the Ethernet Network:

Press the icon "Ethernet network" from the task bar.
Choose the network that you want to use.
Click on the "Properties” button.
Scroll to the bottom of your window. Your IP address is next to the "IPv4 Address".
Locate My IP Address on Mac
If you connect to Wi-Fi,

Select "System Preferences" from the Apple menu.
Double-click the "Network” icon.
Click on the "WiFi" button to the left of the window. Your IP address will appear in the middle.

Connected to the Ethernet Network:

Click on "System Preferences" in the Apple menu.
Double-click on the "Network” icon.
Choose "Ethernet" from the left sidebar. Your IP address will appear in the middle.

Locate My IP Address on Phone:

Get your IP address from an Android device:

Go to the settings app on your phone.
Click on "About device." section.
Tap on "Status."
This section contains information about your device including its IP address.

Get your IP address using an IOS device:

Go to "Settings."
Click on "WiFi"
Click on the network to which you are connected.
Your IP address will be visible under the "IPV4 Address" tab.

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