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What is a URL slug?

A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL and is the exact address of a specific page on your website. For example - in https://tools300.com/campaign-url-builder URL, "campaign-url-builder" is a slug. Composing a short but descriptive slug for a URL of the web page can positively affect your page's SEO.

How to generate URL slug online?

You can easily generate seo friendly url slug with this online Slug Generator tool. Just copy and paste you article or page title and click on the Generate button. It will instantly create best suitable slug for your post.

Why Slug is Important?

URL slug plays an important role on your on page SEO, you should always keep your slug short and descriptive. 

SEO Friendly Slug Examples:

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How important are URL slugs for SEO?

A URL slug immensely helps describe the content of a page with several keywords so that the user knows what the page they're visiting is about. It's an important part of SEO optimization for ranking in SERPs as well.

Consider the two URLs below. The first one is a traditional URL with a query string specifying the post ID and the second one is a proper slugified URL with text describing the title of a post.


As you can tell, the latter is more of a user-friendly URL. You can immediately tell what the page you're visiting is about from reading the URL slug unlike the former which has only a query string that doesn't explain anything. Moreover, a self-described URL slug is one of the factors that help your website rank higher in search engines because web crawlers also read URL slugs like humans do.

Therefore, you should add some keywords to URL slugs to boost up the SEO performance of your website and gain more benefit over your competitors who are not using URL slugs. However, ensure to keep URL slugs short and descriptive so that they can be seen in SERPs clearly especially on a mobile device.

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