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A free online tool that Generates QR codes. This is a free service to Generate QR codes online.

Where can I use QR code?

QR codes can be used in many ways. Accepting payments is the most common use of a QR Code. Bhatar Pay and PhonePay provide QR codes to accept payments. However, these cannot be customized. This online QR code generator allows you to copy your UPI ID and create a custom qr code. It can even be personalized with your logo. You can also create QR codes with your bank UPI code if you don't wish to use third-party apps for payment.

With a QR Code, you can encourage your customers to visit your site. You can create a QRcode that contains your website address or the application link, and put it in your Store banners, flayers, etc.

How do I generate QR code?

It is easy to create a QR code online.
You can type your content into the text box and include any URL, Text or Contact Details.
Select the image size
If you wish to add a custom logo, check the Custom Logo box. Choose the Logo.png file and choose the logo size.
Click on the Generate button.
You can now download it and use it wherever you like.

There is a difference between QR Code and barcode?

There is much confusion over the differences between the QR code and the barcode. Although they are both the same, there are subtle differences. Barcodes are basically a series of lines and spaces with varying widths. The QR code can be read by QR code readers and is machine-readable. The barcode has been designed in a way that can be scan and the information can be extracted using a computer. The QR code can be used to store data, and it can also be read by QR code readers. The barcode can be used to store information and share it with others. Although the QR code is used primarily in mobile phones, it is also a great way to store information.

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