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This online tool converts PNG images to JPEG format by applying appropriate compression methods. This tool is not like other services. It does not require your email address and can convert files up to 20MB.

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PNG Image Format

The PNG file is short for Portable Network Graphic and it is a popular image type in web design circles. It allows designers to use transparent backgrounds to create stunning effects.

The PNG file format is similar to the GIF. It compresses images between 10-30% faster than a GIF, but uses lossless compression. If a user wishes to decompress an image, this allows them to restore 100% of their original image information.

Because it has more detail than JPG, PNG files can be larger than JPG. This makes them a popular choice when you need high resolution images such as logos.

PNG was first created in 1995. It has since overtaken the GIF as the most popular file format on the Web. PNG files are widely supported and can be opened by most graphics programs.

JPG Image Format

It is sometimes also called a JPEG, and is commonly referred to in conversation as a Jay ....Peg. It's been around for decades, and its popularity has not diminished. It's a compressed format which still provides excellent image quality, but is half the size of a BMP file. It is used by many cameras as the default file type. Many sites use JPG's due to their small size which speeds up page loading speed. JPG is a universal file format that can be opened by any OS, device or application.

JPGs use lossy compression, which means that the image quality is lower in JPGs than it is in RAW files. JPG's are very popular, despite the fact that the quality of the image is almost invisible to the human eye.

Conversion from PNG to JPG

Both PNG and JPG files can be used as image formats. Both file types contain images data such as photos. Each one is unique.

Images that end with.PNG can be transmitted over the internet in lossless mode. The PNG file does not have the necessary attributes to be suitable for printing, including support for CMYK colors. PNG files are meant to look great on smartphones and computers, not paper.

Files ending in.JPG and.JPEG, however, are slightly different. JPG files are compressed and can result in some image quality loss. You can adjust how much the image's quality is affected. This makes it smaller in size. Although JPGs can be used in digital and printed formats, they don't have the same level of loss as PNGs.

Why convert PNG to JPG

You can't do certain things with a PNG file. You cannot, for example, have it professionally printed. Professional printing companies won't accept PNG files because they don't contain CMYK information.

PNG files also contain transparency spaces. This allows the pixels in an image to be completely unfilled. These empty pixels could be filled with black and white pixels if you attempt to print the PNG or upload it on certain sites. This would cause the image to look very different.

Converting a PNG file to JPG can be extremely useful. JPG files do not support transparency so you will know exactly how an upload will look before you upload it. JPGs also support CMYK colors so that you can print them with high precision.

How can I convert PNG files into JPG?

You can convert a PNG into JPG free of charge by uploading a PNG with our tool. Click the "UPLOAD FILE" button. Navigate to the file you want to convert. 

You must however download the converted files within an hour. Our server will delete your files if you wait more than an hour to download them. If this happens, you will need to repeat the conversion.

Is it safe for PNGs to be converted to JPGs

Our tool allows you to convert files. We create a copy from your original. Your original source file remains unchanged on your computer, tablet, or phone. It is safe to use this tool because your original file won't change.

We do not keep copies of files longer than one hour. We erase all files within one hour of uploading them. You can rest assured that your sensitive data will be deleted immediately after you upload it.

What is a PNG file?

Have you ever heard of the Portable Network Graphic (PNG), file? PNG files are compressed images that do not affect the image's quality. This unique format of image files is explained in detail. Learn how it works, when it can be used and how to convert it from PNG to JPG.

What are the best times to use JPG or PNG?

Are you unsure whether to use a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) or a Joint Photographic Expert Group file (JPEG/JPG)? Soda PDF provides information about the differences between the two file formats. It also suggests when to use each.

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