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This online tool converts JPG images to PNG using the correct compression methods. This tool is not like other services. It does not require your email address and can convert files up to 20MB.

Click on the UPLOAD FILE button to select jpg images to be converted. To upload files, drag them to the drop zone.

JPG, also known by JPEG, can store image using a lossy compression technique of 10:1 to 20, and it is also available in a file format. It can be used to reduce the size of images without affecting the image quality. It is used widely in web publishing to reduce image size while maintaining image quality.

Portable Network Graphic Format, also known as PNG, is a file format that stores raster images using lossless compression. It employs two-stage compression. Because it only supports the RGB color model, it is often used for web images instead of printing. CMYK images cannot be saved to PNG.

Conversion of JPG to PNG

Images are files that end with.JPG or.PNG. These files contain visual information such as photographs, drawings, and screenshots.

JPGs, or sometimes JPEGs, are not the same as PNGs. A JPG is a file that has a lossy quality. Image compression has reduced the file's overall quality. You can adjust how lossy a JPG is created. The filesize of a JPG is generally determined by its quality. Therefore, compressing images can reduce their size on your hard drive.

PNGs, however, are not lossless. This means that they can be compressed. PNGs support transparency, while JPGs don't. Transparency allows specific pixels to be left empty. This can be helpful when overlaying images. Unfortunately, PNGs do not support CMYK colors, so they are not as efficient for printing.

How can I convert PNG files into JPG?

First, upload a JPG file to our tool. To get started, click the "UPLOAD FILE" button. Drag and drop your files to the box marked "Drop Your Files here". You can upload only 1 files at a time.

After uploading the file, our tool will convert it in real-time. You can then download each one individually by clicking on the "DOWNLOAD” button underneath each image. 

Why convert JPG to PNG

Transparency support is the main reason you should convert JPG files into PNG. You won't be capable of removing white space from an image in your editing software if it has a lot. JPGs must contain color information in every pixel. Therefore, empty pixels are often filled with black or other white colors.

Also, PNGs don't get compressed. If you upload a PNG file to a service that compresses pictures, it will look exactly the same on your computer. This is useful if you have a particular image you wish to preserve.

If you plan to print the image, however, it is important to convert JPG to PNG. Printing PNG files is difficult because they don't include CMYK information. If you plan to print the JPG file in the future, we recommend keeping the original JPG.

Is it safe for JPGs to be converted to PNGs

Our tool allows you to convert files in a safe way. You can still access the original file on your computer, phone or tablet.

Our server also deletes all uploaded and converted files after an hour. This protects sensitive information. Your files will never remain on our servers for longer than an hour.

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