Javascript Obfuscator

The jQuery Obfuscator tool was created to make your code difficult to understand. It protects your designs, workflow, and ideas and helps to prevent them from being stolen. To protect your code, you will need to use the jQuery Obfuscator tool. This advanced algorithm increases speed and reduces file size. The obfuscated code will still work as smooth as before. It's just unreadable.

Online JavaScript & JQuery Obfuscator Tool: Why use it?

It is easy to use this online tool. Javascript must be visible to the frontend and browser in order to execute all features. Anyone can see, copy, or steal your code and then use it. The obfuscator tool can be used to protect your code. It uses base 32 and 64 algorithms to encrypt code and make it unreadable.

It will obscure javascrips or jQuery to make your code unreadable.
It supports both Javascrip as well as jQuery.
It can also reduce the size of your code, which makes it load faster.
Other languages, such as Mootools and DOJO, can be encrypted.

How does the Javascript obfuscator works?

1. Just paste your JavaScript or jQuery code to the text area above

2. And click to the button "Obfuscate" and you will get Obfuscated JS in the next text area.

3. You can copy the text and use it accordingly.

Javascript Obfuscator can be used to encrypt, encode, and compress JS data. Obfuscator Copy and Paste. What can JS Obfuscator accomplish for you? It helps in the obfuscation or compression of JS data that is hard to decode, decrypt and deobfuscate. This tool allows you to load a Javascript URL in order to Encode Hexadecimal.

An obfuscator converts your source code from the JavaScript source code into an obfuscated version that is easier to understand, copy, reuse, modify, and authorize. According to JS Obfuscator, the obfuscated code will still function as the original and can be used in a production website.

JavaScript is loaded when a user visits your website for the first-time. This JavaScript runs in the background to ensure that the user's experience is smooth. The Javascript is stored in a cache, which prevents your website's loading from the next time users visit your site.

JavaScript Obfuscator can be used to remove unwanted parts from your source code. It is useful for removing classes, constants and methods. An obfuscator will replace the parts it finds with another. This is the basic principle. The javascript obfuscator can be used for all of your conversion needs. It's fast, efficient and very accessible for everyone.

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