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Maximum upload file size: 20 MB

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How do I encode an image to Base64 data

Our online tool allows you to encode images to Base64 binary data. Start by clicking on the Upload image button to upload your image.

After the upload is completed, the tool will convert your image to Base64 encoded binary information. Click in the output text area to copy the encoded data. You will need to copy the Base64 encoded text from the Base64 image source area if you intend to use it as an image source.

Convert image to Base64

Image to Base64 Encoder Online allows you to convert Image into Base64 String. Copy to clipboard, and download base64 string.

Image to base64 tools are useful for developers who want to speed up development or don't need to load small icons or images. Emails can use base64 string as Image (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions). The latest browsers support base64 string image display. The most popular web browser for viewing base64 string is the WWW (World Wide Web).

What are you able to do with the Image-to-Bas64 Converter?

This tool allows you to convert your Image into a Base64 group with ease.
All image formats, including PNG, JPEG and GIF, are supported.
Limit of Image Upload is 20 MB.
Base64 encode image generates HTML codes for IMG using Base64 as the src (datasource).
Also generated is the CSS background code for Image with base64
Image encoder supports loading the Image File to convert to Base64. Click on the Upload Image button to select File.
Image to Base64 Online is compatible with Windows, MAC Linux, Chrome Firefox, Edge, Safari, Linux, Chrome, Firefox and Chrome.

What is Image to Base64?

It uses JavaScript to create the base64 string using the base64 algorithm. It doesn't send the image to the server for conversion.

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