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Image Cropper - Crop Images & Photos

The Image cropper, also known as Photo cropper, is a tool that allows you to remove specific parts from a photo in order to alter its size or dimensions. An online cropping tool can be used for many reasons. All of these uses are discussed below.

Realtime Display - Our online image cropper displays real-time display for your photo in 4 different sizes

Multiple Options - You can crop an image online using different options such as flipping, rotating and zooming in/out.

All Formats - Take a photo of any three top formats JGP or JPEG, and upload it to Flickr. Instant uploading/download

Do you want to know how to crop a photo?

 It is easy to crop images and photos using. Our online tool for photo cropping allows you to modify your photos using multiple options. Click on the "Get Cropped Image” button to choose any option. Now you know how to crop a photograph.

All PPS tools, including the ability to crop online images, are free. Our photo crop tool is superior to all other tools. First, upload your photo. Once the photo is selected, you can choose one of the available aspect ratios or manually crop it. Click the submit button to receive your cropped photo. You can save it to your computer, or copy it and paste it elsewhere. That's it! It's that simple!

Crop photo tool features:

Our tool now has a number of new features. Our tool is available whenever you need to crop photos online.

Real-time Display - Our photo cropping tool displays the cropped area in four sizes before you save the final image. Using this tool, you can easily judge the final image in different sizes after cropping.

Display Dimensions - Yes, you can see the width and height in real time. This feature allows you to crop images in exactly the same size as you desire.

Default Ratios It can be difficult to choose a particular ratio. We have five types of scaling ratios. The default ratios are: 16:9 (suitable to Facebook link thumbnails), 4:1 (for profile photos), 2:3 (for free), and 3:3.

Zoom In/Out: This function is useful when the image is large and you only want to see a small portion of it. To zoom in or out, click on the zoom icon.

Movements - If you find dragging the crop box difficult, don't worry. Click the icons to move the image in any direction (Left-right, Right, Up, & Down).

Image Rotating: Manual rotation is difficult so we added an option to rotate images. Click the left rotate or right rotate icons to rotate the photo. Each click will turn the photo 45 degrees to the left or right.

Flipping - Another amazing thing about our crop photo online tool is that you can flip the image horizontally or vertically in just one click.

Reset - This will reset all options back to default, as its name implies. If you have any issues with your cropping options click the reset button to restore them all.

Download Confirmation - To save you time and internet resources, our online image cutter will display the final photo before it is available for download. To make more changes, click the cancel button or confirm it.

Best Image Crop Tool

You can customize the image to suit your needs
Graphic content is essential when working in the web content production industry. People tire of reading. People need to take a break from reading. Adding pictures to an article adds context. Google is the most popular source for images. If you use images from Google, you must give proper credit to them. Images that are taken from the internet may not be to your liking in terms of size. allows you to crop images online to the exact size you prefer.

Images can be cropped to remove people
Do you ever find yourself taking a photo of three people and one of them is making faces? Don't panic! You can use an online tool to crop any image.

Images can be removed from the borders
Images often have borders. Some people love borders. Others don't. This tool can be used to remove a border from an image. You can simply resize the image starting at all four corners.

It can reduce the number of pixels in the image.
You can have more pixels in a larger photo. You may need to upload images of a certain size, particularly site logos. You can reduce the size of your logo using an online tool called logo-cropping.

Scanned documents can be a huge help
It doesn't matter how large your scan is, school transcripts or passport size images, the border around a scanned document will always be extra. You can use an online tool to resize these documents before you upload them to the websites that you need. To make your documents look professional, you can adjust the border.

The most important tool in social media is the image
Social media is everywhere and you're aware of the different sizes that different websites require. Facebook covers and the Facebook display image have a specific size. The Twitter avatar and Twitter header can be sized. Instagram has its own media limit. You don't have to think about all the social media platforms where you will be posting your photos. This is where an online image cropper tool can help. Simply crop the image and then share it!

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