HTML Minifier

HTML Minifier removes unneeded data from the original resource to reduce the HTML code size.

This HTML minification tool removes unneeded data from the original resource to reduce HTML code size. It removes all code comments, formatting, and unneeded codes. It can also rewrite shorter variables and function names.

Optimizing website speed requires that HTML code be minified. Online HTML Minifier eliminates any extra white space, newlines, comments, etc. Online HTML Minifier can also remove extra white spaces and comments between style and script tags. You can toggle these options by pressing the option button. You can also make absolute URLs relative with this minifier. Simply enter the site URL in the options section, and tick the box that says "Minify URLs".

How to minify HTML code?

This handy program makes it easy to minify Html codes. Simply copy and paste your HTML code into the text box and then click the Minify button. Now, your HTML will be converted to the shortest code possible.

Why you should minify HTML?

HTML tags can be used to make text more vivid when you write text for websites. Make sure that you use the correct tags. You could make your text appear too small or blank if you use the wrong tag. It is important to minify HTML. Minify is the process of eliminating all extra HTML. This means removing any unnecessary spaces or tabs (this applies for the coding of the text), removing all extra characters in your text, including line breaks, CSS and JS codes, and keeping the HTML tags where possible. Minimizing your HTML will allow you to write more text per page. This is the most important reason. This will reduce the site's loading time and help you rank higher in search engines.

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