HTML Encode

Simple HTML Encoding and Decoding Tool

Why do you need HTML Encoding?

HTML encoding replaces HTML special characters such as,> with reserved HTML entities that can be recognized by the HTML engine. HTML encoding is most commonly used when HTML special characters are displayed as text within your HTML element content. If you want to display the HTML special characters within your HTML element content, you will need to encode or escape it by replacing it with ".

What is the "Encode/decode Non-Ascii Characters" option?

If you wish to convert non-ascii character to unicode codes points in '#nnnn' format, the "Encode non–ascii symbols" option is used. This option is not required if a website uses UTF-8 character encoder. This option can be used to preserve unicode strings on web pages that do not use UTF-8. This option can also be used for decoding unicode codes back to non-ascii characters.

Html Encode

HTML Encoding is the process of converting a document that has special characters beyond the normal range of seven-bit ASCII to a standard format. Header information is used to indicate the type of encoding that was used. This allows the browsers to easily and accurately parse the data.

HTML encoding ensures that text displayed correctly in a browser is not misinterpreted as HTML by the browser. The browser will interpret the closing brackets of an HTML tag as the opening or closing bracket if a string of text contains the (>), or less than sign 9. The HTML coded characters are converted to the string "and" which allows the browser to correctly display the less-than sign and greater-than sign. Since the invention of computers, there have been many encodings. Common users may have encountered different code page encoding issues that made website content and email messages unreadable. This is especially true if the message was not in English. There are other encodings that allow binary data to be transferred through text-based protocols, but they only use a small number of characters.

HTML Encode converts characters that could be misinterpreted to HTML formatting to their HTML entity representation.

Online HTML Coding: HTML Coding will encode HTML and hide HTML text from prying eyes. The online tool Countwordsfree HTMLEncoder converts HTML code to JavaScript Unicode string. This means that the HTML text appears scrambled when it is viewed but looks normal when it is executed as a webpage.

Encoding text does not protect your HTML code. However, it can be used to deter others from trying to view your code. They will most likely move on.

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